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Since 2008, Know What to Say has been offered to parents, school personnel, faith-based organizations, and social service agencies located in Scott County, Iowa. This program, offered by Bethany for Children & Families, in collaboration with Edgerton Women's Health Clinic, utilizes informational workshops/trainings to educate adults on how to communicate with adolescents about sex and help them postpone early sexual activity and avoid teen pregnancy and its ramifications.

Bethany for Children & Families

Bethany for Children & Families is a voluntary, non-sectarian, non-profit agency. The agency is a licensed Illinois child welfare agency and an Iowa child-placing agency, who provides services to children and families in western Illinois and eastern Iowa.

Edgerton Women's Health Center

Edgerton Women's Health Center is a non-discriminatory women's health care provider which offers services to individuals regardless of age, color, contraceptive preference, creed, lifestyle, national origin, race, or sex. Since 1972, Edgerton Women's Health Center has honored the community by providing family planning and prenatal services to the Quad Cities community, and nutritional services to women, infants, and children in Scott County.

Additionally, Edgerton has served in the delivery of over 25,000 babies into the Quad Cities community and firmly believes in providing services to all those who need them.


Funding for this program is provided the Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative offered by the Iowa Department of Human Services.

New Look

Know What to Say is a webpage designed for parents that allows them to: